This is the Affiliate Linking & Spam policy of has a zero tolerance policy against spam and rogue linking.

This policy is for Affiliates. If you are a normal visitor of, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

1. No Direct Domain Redirects:

In the past it was acceptable to purchase a domain, place a 301 redirect on that domain to a Flavia Del Monte sales page using your affiliate ID, and then push traffic to the domain through paid traffic (Adwords) and other means. This is no longer allowed under any circumstances.

2. Promotion using unsolicited message:

Affiliates may not promote FlaviliciousCooking in any way that may be construed as Spamming. Spamming refers to any non-solicited email.

Affiliates may only promote to legitimate recipients who voluntarily accepted (opt-in subscription) to receive offers from the affiliate. These recipients must have the ability to opt out easily from receiving such offers at any time. The affiliate may not email to recipients acquired through rented or purchase lists or any lists acquired through means other than opt-in lists.

3. Other rogue promotions

Affiliates may only promote on any platform (website, forum, social media account) that the affiliate owns or on which the affiliates has been authorized by the owner. Promoting by posting affiliate links on forums, classified websites, blog comments etc. are not tolerated.

4. Penalty for spamming and rogue promotions

In order to protect our brand and all the other affiliates, We will not tolerate any failure to comply with the above guidelines. We will immediately ban your Clickbank account from promoting, your affiliate links will no longer work.

Furthermore, we will report you to Clickbank, which may result in the suspension or the termination of your Clickbank account.

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