Hi, I am Flavia Del Monte.

Let me ask you a simple question...

If your diet allowed you to eat delicious foods until
you were FULL & COMPLETELY SATISFIED, every single day, and STILL feel truly
confident in your own skin, do you think you could stick to it?

Of course! I asked myself the same question and my answer was the same as yours.

That ONE question started me on my mission...

Today, as a new mom, with a time-consuming business, parental pressures, family responsibilities, lack of time and an increased energy demand...

I had ONE HUGE PROBLEM to overcome:

I Was DESPERATE For A Simple Eating Solution To
Solve These Very Personal Issues.

I needed a diet with variety, flavor and taste. One that didn't make me obsessed about calories. One that didn't leave me starving. One that kicked fat to the curb and made me confident in my own skin.

That was the story of my life until I discovered the incredibly simple 3-Step Skinny Solution which you'll learn about in just a moment...

You May Be Thinking… Who The Heck Is Flavia Del Monte And Why Should I Listen To Her?

I am 1 of 17 siblings - yes, all 17 from the same parents - a proud wife and a new mom, committed to watching her precious daughter and brand new baby boy grow up beautiful, strong and healthy.

In the fitness world I'm better known as "Flavilicious," the creator behind the best-selling female workout systems Full-Body-Licious, Curvalicious and Musclicious. Today I am proud to release my brand new Flavilicious Cooking system that you'll learn about shortly. I am on a mission to help females confidently say, "I love my body," 365 days a year and that all starts in the kitchen.

More formally, I am a Registered Paediatric Nurse, a Certified Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer with an enormous passion for making healthy foods (that are normally bland and boring), taste insanely delicious. And, I'm here to help YOU do the same.

I haven't always known how to cook and eat healthy. As a registered nurse, I had all the bad habits of a typical shift worker. I was in BIG trouble when my weight rapidly began increasing along with my body fat once I started eating frozen "healthy" dinners and snacking on anything that was quick and easy throughout the day.

After becoming "skinny-fat" I decided I needed a change. I started studying nutrition and exercise, trying just about every diet and workout there is. Little by little, with help from all the mistakes I made, I finally started putting all the pieces of the healthy lifestyle puzzle together and figured out what to eat, when to eat it, and most recently, how to cook properly.

"My husband and I invested more than $11,000 into professional cooking lessons, and perfecting the Flavilicious Cooking system to give you a simple solution to use in your own kitchen."

It's time to take control of your health and give your body the nutrients it needs to live a long and energetic life. My hope for you is that you fall in love with fueling your body with delicious recipes made from scratch and create memories in the kitchen that your family will talk about for generations to come.

To date, I've helped 20,000 women get fit
and gain control of their eating,
even those who have tried and failed before.

4 Cookbook Mistakes

So How Does The 3-Step Skinny Solution Work?

Skinny Solution Step #1:
Eat Flavilicious recipes ONLY when you are hungry.

Skinny Solution Step #2:
Eat Flavilicious recipes until you are FULL & SATISFIED, Not Stuffed.

Skinny Solution Step #3:
Eat REAL food (i.e. ANY of the Flavilicious recipes)!

The $11,000 "Secret Sauce" Hidden
Inside The Flavilicious Cooking System.

Before eating Flavilicious recipes!           After 4 months of eating only Flavilicious recipes!

The professional chef I have teamed up with has dedicated the better part of her entire life to delicious fat-burning cooking with 100% ALLERGY FRIENDLY FOODS.

That's hundreds of hours in investigating, researching and experimenting with the BEST combinations of TASTY fat-burning ingredients to become skinny without counting calories.

The best part, by ONLY eating Flavilicious recipes after my baby girl was born, I was able to melt 22 pounds of unwanted fat off my body and get my flat stomach back faster and easier than ever and you too will get your healthiest and hottest body by simply eating Flavilicious recipes.

The First & Only “No Calorie Counting”
Cooking System With Over 150 Easy-To-Make,
Delicious Fat-Burning Recipes That
Allow You To Eat More While You LOSE More!

Flavilicious Cooking was what we needed! It's extremely easy to follow... fast... and delivers a huge range of flavors for every palate...

You'll be BLOWN AWAY by how BEAUTIFUL this cookbook is... inspiring you for your next meal. So inspiring, my husband sends me pictures he'd like me to make from Flavilicious Cooking.

Nicole & Dan Long
Tampa, Florida

"Flavia Del Monte has created easy to make, healthy, flavourful, mouthwatering recipes that are perfect for anyone who is looking for gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, sugar-free and dairy-free recipes.

Her Flavilicious recipes are not only great for a healthy weight loss program, but are sinfully delicious and she has so many great recipes to choose from.

We highly recommend Flavilicious”

Dave and Karine Ruel
Metabolic Cooking

The best part about Flavia's Flavilicious recipes is that every one PROVES healthy foods do NOT have to taste "healthy"...

...and can taste delicious and simple enough that even my husband (who in NO WAY AT ALL is allowed in the kitchen) could make and not screw up!

Even our 2 little ones give their seal of approval also! They had no idea their Cinnamon French Toast was grain free! What an awesome recipe!

Thanks Flavia for sharing this with us!

"Chef" Brittney Livingston and Dr Charles Livingston D.C., C.C.W.P.,
Best Selling Author and Owner Of Perfect Origins

"Most healthy cookbooks make you count every calorie you eat and give you tiny portions to eat which lack flavor and variety.

That's why were so excited to start using Flavilicious Cooking instead...

...now we can eat delicious tasting healthy recipes every week, without worrying about the calorie count!"

Shaun and Karen Hadsall
Best Selling Nutrition Authors & Stubborn Fat Specialists

Here's What You'll Learn Inside Flavilicious Cooking
That You Won't Find In Any Other Cookbook

By now you're ready to take your health and nutrition back into your hands by eating real, fat-burning meals you actually enjoy, and it all starts by sinking your teeth into a copy of Flavilicious Cooking.

It's here…

The Ultimate Flavilicious Cooking Cookbook

Flavilicious Cooking Cookbook
($67 Value)

This 8-cookbook set will cover EVERYTHING you need to know in order to master your kitchen and take back your health and waistline WITHOUT COUNTING CALORIES! You'll be burning fat FASTER and EASIER than ever before by eating these recipes until you're completely satisfied.

With over 150 ALLERGY-FRIENDLY recipes, you'll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to plan and prepare:

  • 20 Breakfasts
  • 15 Dressings, Sauces & Rubs
  • 36 Appetizers & Sides
  • 24 Soups & Salads
  • 40 Mains
  • 21 Desserts
  • 5 Shakes

All recipes have Allergy-Free symbols so you never have to guess what recipes you can and can't have.

Also included is an 8-page section revealing my professional chef taught, "trade secrets" that only real chefs know. Now you can learn how to cook like pro (and trust me, you’ll be amazed how simple it is).

Who knew fat loss could be THIS simple yet TASTE so good?2

Get Juiced: 101 Fat Burning Juice Recipes ($27 Website Price)

Did you know that you are NOT what you eat? You are what you absorb! So the question you must answer if you want faster fat loss: How can I get all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals responsible for maximizing nutrient absorption without spending a fortune on expensive pills and powders? Simple and Easy!

Get Juiced is the MISSING LINK to burning fat faster and flattening your belly permanently by delivering 101 simple to make, delicious juicing recipes that give your body the "machinery" to maximally digest and absorb the food you eat.

Join juicing expert Vince Del Monte (yes, that's my husband :)) and Drew Canole who have taken years of experimentation on friends, family and even hundreds of clients, to give the best tasting juices to meet your specific needs and "target" your personal goals.

Just a FEW of the many recipes you'll taste in our Get Juiced Recipe Guide include…

  • The Bone-Builder
  • The Lean-Green Fat Burning Machine
  • The Muscle-Cramp Stopper
  • The Blood-Flow Booster
  • The Sex-Fueler
  • The Age-Eraser
  • The Liver Cleaner
  • The Blood Pressure Optimizer
  • The Muscle-Soreness Reliever
  • The Instant-Energy Shot
  • The Hangover Fix
  • The Alkaline Enhancer
  • The Inflammation Killer
  • The Cold & Flu Preventer
  • The Cancer Fighter
  • The Memory Activator
  • The Immune System Strengthener
  • Superman's X-Ray Vision Juice
  • The Anti-Ulcer Probiotic Juice
  • And So Much More!

Normally the Get Juiced recipe guide at their website but for everyone who picks up Flavilicious Cooking today we're going to GIVE it to you for FREE.

After today however, the Get Juiced recipe guide will never be made available again for free. The ONLY way you can own it for free is by picking up Flavilicious Cooking during this special 1 Year Anniversary sale.

Free Bonus Gift #2
The 3-Step Skinny Solution Quick Start Guide ($17 Value)

The 3-Step Skinny Solution Quick Start Guide promises to get you started towards the fastest fat loss of your life, and you'll do it without obsessing about calorie counts or complicated formulas. You'll learn how to teach yourself how to troubleshoot when your diet feels broken and the weight off without ever starving or depriving yourself again.

Just stick to the simple advice and you will say goodbye to failed dieting and battling your weight. The best part is, by following the simple advice inside the quick start guide, you'll set yourself up to lose up to 5 pounds in the first 7 days and you will be extremely proud every time you look in the mirror.

Free Bonus Gift #3
"Ready-To-Print" Recipe Quick Sheets ($27 Value)

The Flavilicious Cooking “Ready-To-Print” Recipe Quick Sheets will make your life even simpler by allowing you to easily print off your recipes for quick viewing and convenience. There is no need to print of the entire cookbook. These beautiful Quick Sheets will save you time and money by letting you know:

  • How Long It Will Take To Prepare and Cook Your Meals
  • Exactly How To Prep Your Food
  • How Much You'll Be Making Per Serving
  • What Ingredients You Will Need
  • What Type of Cookware You Will Need
  • The Exact Nutrient Profile For Every Single Recipe

Free Bonus Gift #4
“Ready-To-Print” Weekly Grocery List ($17 Value)

The Flavilicious Cooking "Ready-To-Print" Weekly Grocery List will be a life saver on those days when you're simply in a huge rush and don't have time to write a list. No problem! That's where the “Ready-To-Print” Grocery List comes into play.

Not only will this save you hours of time, but you'll also be saving tons of money by avoiding wasted food and unnecessary second trips to the grocery store. Whoot Whoot!

Free Bonus Gift #5
5 Fabulous Fall Favorites To Keep You Thin Through The Holidays ($12 Value)

all is my favorite time of year and there is nothing like the beautiful fall colours while enjoying a healthy pumpkin spice latte paired with a pumpkin scone.

This special guide will help you burn fat faster with 5 of my favorite fall recipes: coconut pumpkin scones, pumpkin pecan muffins, pumpkin spice latte, sweet potato pumpkin pie and sweet potato pudding.

If you’re like me, you’ll likely cook them all up in one go and I don’t blame you. They’re pretty darn good. Oh yeah, I recently bought these to a party and everyone said, “I can’t believe these are healthy!” I think you will agree once you try them.

Free Bonus Gift #6
5 Christmas Cookies To Keep You Thin Through The Holidays ($12 Value)

Remember when I told you that I come from a family of 17 children (no joke)? Well, when we get together, we LOVE to eat. The problem is that 99% of “Christmas treats” go straight to your belly and cause unwanted weight gain.

But not anymore! When you pick up a copy of Flavilicious Cooking you’ll also get 5 of my favorite Christmas treats that will bring a “shocked” look to your family’s face when you inform them of their healthy fat-burning ingredients!

This bonus recipe guide includes mouth watering ginger scones, red velvet imitation cookies, peppermint cookies, lemon, cranberry & almond biscotti and marshmallow chocolate dips that I know you’re going to absolutely LOVE!

Retail Price: $54         Today: $17

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Get 150 Tested, Allergy-Friendly, Fat-Burning Recipes
For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Single Cooking Lesson…

Now imagine if you were to do take AT LEAST one cooking lesson a month to learn a small handful of recipes. You're looking at a minimum of $1,800 per year!

For a fraction of that price, you can invest in the Flavilicious Cooking recipes, and start enjoying delicious fat-burning recipes that taste BETTER than your favorite restaurant foods and you can have them EVERYDAY in YOUR own kitchen.

The goal was to make an incredible fat-burning cookbook at an extremely affordable price. To be frank, this cookbook could be priced at least double or triple the price and it'd still be an absolute steal, but I'm not going to do that——at least not until the new release celebration is over.

Imagine visiting a restaurant ONCE PER WEEK minimum. You're easily spending $100-200 a month. Over the year your bill will be $1,200 to $2,400 for eating out.

For a tiny fraction of that price, with Flavilicious Cooking, you can enjoy delicious “restaurant-quality,” fat-burning meals EVERY DAY inside YOUR home!

In short, I want to put this life-changing information into your pocket at an extremely affordable price. To be honest, my personal chef is SHOCKED that I'm not charging at least five times this amount (and it would still be an incredible value), but that's not going to happen——at least not today.

Retail Price: $54         Today: $17

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I know you've been searching for a better, tastier and healthier approach with your diet and nutrition…

Your search is over.

I've collaborated with the best professional chef, I've done the research, I've tested every single recipe out on my family and in my own kitchen, and I know you're going to savor every single bite while losing fat.

And the BEST NEWS is that you can sleep peacefully at night and rise with confidence knowing that you are giving your body the absolute tastiest and healthiest nutrition every single day.

And you're going to thank me for investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into Flavilicious Cooking so that you too can experience incredible breakfasts, lunches, dinners, appetizers, snacks (and so much more) to help you lose fat at a record setting pace.

Success in life requires action, so act right now while it's fresh in your mind and order Flavilicious Cooking during this special 1 Year Anniversary Sale while the price is lower than it will ever be again.

That Change Comes Right Now!

From my kitchen to yours,

Flavia Del Monte
Registered Nurse, Certified Trainer and Nutritionist
Creator of the best-selling FULL-BODY-LICIOUS,

P.S. I almost forgot! I wanted to tell you how my 1-year-old daughter played a big role inspiring me to create Flavilicious Cooking...

After my baby was born she experienced a horrific case of colic…

My naturopathic doctor recommended a food allergies test to reveal the culprits behind baby's inconsolable screaming…

Turns out that I was allergic to dairy…

This set me on a mission to rehaul my diet so I could improve my health and relieve my baby's colic.

Being a stressed out new mom…

I had zero interest in going back to my bland and boring diet that ruined my relationship with food.

I hardly had any time to take a shower or stick to any regular schedule so I needed a new approach to eating——one that allowed me to eat when I was hungry, until I was full and without counting calories.

I needed a diet that gave me my body and life back!

I needed to learn how to cook simple and delicious recipes that helped me burn fat.

So… I made the decision… I turned to the pros and invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into creating Flavilicious Cooking… and just a few short months later, I had my body back… I had the best diet in the world… and I finally had control of my life back!

Now It's Your Turn!

P.P.S. Everything about your body is designed to keep you lean, healthy and alive. There is no need to count calories. You will only cause your body to experience disease, obesity and premature death when you bombard it with the wrong foods sold in our grocery stores or that crap our children are served in their schools.

With my full 60-day “No Questions Asked” guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose except all the body fat you've been carrying around for too long now.

Plus… you'll look and feel your best and become the envy of all your friends and an incredible role model for your family!

P.P.P.S. You really can do what I did. I don't care about your genes… your metabolism… your age… your previous failures…

Flavilicious Cooking will work for you and does not exist anywhere else!

I strongly believe this is the single best recipe book of its kind anywhere.

The one that comes backed with my personal guarantee… plus more than 15 YEARS of professional culinary experience, pro chef “trade-secrets”, science and tested on hundreds of people like you. Get your skinny on… and get it on right now. You'll have jaws dropping before you know it!

P.P.P.P.S. Warning: If you don't take action now odds are you'll never be 100% comfortable in your own skin. You'll NEVER see a change in how you look and feel if you keep procrastinating day after day: so take action now while you're still here and this is fresh on your mind.

Retail Price: $54         Today: $17

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for the entire family?

YES! It's absolutely family friendly. My husband and I eat the same meals together every day. And, remember, I am 1 of 17 siblings ranging from 14 to 44 years old (I'm right in the middle in case you're wondering) and even my picky teenage sisters love the recipes. And guess who loves the recipes most? My husband and my 2 year-old daughter.

Q: Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for people with dairy allergies?

YES! There are only a handful of recipes that contain dairy and most have dairy free substitutes. All recipes are labeled with the allergy information. Look for DF recipes.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for people on the Wheat Belly diet?

YES! All the recipes are free of wheat and gluten and there are many recipes that are Paleo-friendly.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for people on an egg-free or vegan diet?

YES! You will have a lot of recipes to choose from in the soups & salads section, a few mains, most desserts and most breakfasts too. The majority of mains are comprised of meat.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for people who love meat?

YES! My husband and I are huge meat eaters and you will have a huge variety of meat options to keep your taste buds guessing.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for those with nut allergies?

YES! While many recipes contain nuts we provide a lot of healthy substitutes that won't compromise the recipe whatsoever.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking yeast free?

YES! Every single recipe.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable if I'm on a ketogenic diet?

YES! You will find a wide range of recipes in each category that contain less than 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable if I'm on a paleo diet?

YES! You will find a wide range of recipes that are paleo friendly.

Q. Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for a non-cook?

YES! On top of all the recipes you'll learn simple and essential cooking techniques that deliver outstanding taste and great nutrition.

Q: Is Flavilicious Cooking suitable for a man?

YES! My husband comes from a world of bland and boring "bodybuilding foods" and he recently used these exact recipes instead and dropped 20 pounds of fat in a few months and he said "Losing fat has never been this easy!"

While eating this way he was also much happier, energetic and his sex drive was always through the roof. Lucky me!

Q. How long does it take to cook the recipes, start to finish?

Every recipe varies but the majority are very quick and simple and take around 10-15 minutes.

Q. Is it going to be really expensive to follow the recipes?

No! Our customers have found that they are actually saving money because they spend less time dining out and more time dining in and enjoying the food they cook in their own kitchen.

Q. Am I going to need to buy hard-to-find ingredients?

Aside from a few "fancy" desserts, for the most part, no. A number of the recipes do use amazing "super foods" but they should be easy to find in any grocery store.

Q. Do I really not have to count calories?

That's correct! I didn't obsess about a single calorie and lost 22 pounds of unwanted fat just like that. It's virtually impossible to gain fat eating these recipes because they are so healthy and balance your hormones so your body will learn how to burn fat at rest.

Q. Will these recipes REALLY help me lose fat?

Without a shadow of a doubt! Most people struggle to lose fat because they eat so little that they put their bodies into starvation mode, which stops your body from burning fat as energy and switches to burning off your precious muscle which is responsible for giving you those sexy curves you love.

Q. What if Flavilicious Cooking isn't for me?

No problem. Don't sweat it. I'm confident that you'll absolutely love it but just in case it doesn't work out... just ship the hardcopy back to the return address and we will refund your money!

Retail Price: $54         Today: $17

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